About Us

We’re a pretty colourful and diverse group, so this “about” bit is a little tricky. Let’s just start with what we all have in common. Every one of us is reaching a little higher and dedicated to improved wellness in all it’s facets, from physical wellness, emotional wellness and financial wellness. We started the NaturOils group on Instagram, but we needed something more. One place to keep our collection of recipes, most useful information and techniques to help you get the best out of your Young Living Essential Oils. And so here we are.


Physical Wellness

There’s a lot that goes into taking care of your physical wellness. Eating well, getting enough sleep and exercising. Now you can also use 100% pure plant oils to support your body like never before. Many of us have used these oils to support our bodies and strengthen our immune systems. Using products that are free of toxins is the first step!

  Emotional Wellness

Stress is something we all experience in some way or another. Did you know that certain scents can help you feel calmer and more grounded by directly stimulating the limbic part of the brain when you smell them?  Most of our team have experienced incredible things with these oils in helping us cope with the effects of daily and long term stress.

Financial wellness

There are millions of people around the world using Young Living Essential oils, and less than 10% of them do it as a business. What does this mean? It means that people keep using Young Living because they love the products. Each product is made for a purpose, not a profit. So whether you are looking for a little savings every month, a second salary, a new business venture or even just to get your own oils paid for, this business can make it happen, all you have to do is love your oils. 


The future belongs to our children, and we are so proud to be part of a company that does all that it can to preserve and protect that future. Young Living is steadily moving towards zero waste in the next 4 years and they strive to reduce, reuse and recycle in every way. All their products are also cruelty free! On top of that, Young Living has everything we need to live completely toxin-free. From brushing your teeth to doing your laundry, they have a safe and natural product to replace the toxins we use in our homes daily. Plus we have a ton of creative ways to help you do it even if you are on a budget! 

Why Us?



This community is so dedicated to supporting it’s members in any way. Members are available 24/7 anywhere in the world, at any time. And when you need something from the company, their customer service has got to be the friendliest I’ve ever experienced. 


Young Living uses word of mouth marketing, and pays it’s members for sharing. Most people who end up doing this as a business have started because of an accidental income or two. It is literally that easy.



Whether you are a dedicated oils user or have created a business out of this, family is a high priority. These products are safe for the entire family, even babies and pets. And with the business? I was told in a business call that my Young Living work should never ever take away from my family time. That’s just not what it’s about.



Young Living Essential Oils have been around for 26 years. 26 years of science, success and tons of user experience. There are so many online resources available to you, as well as sites where you can find the more scientific details of how these oils work.


Giving back

Have you ever heard of The Young Living Foundation? Probably not, because even though this foundation changes the lives of thousands and soon millions of people around the world, it isn’t done for the publicity, but for the sake of giving back.