An oil a day

We have all been there. A new kit of oils, so pretty you hardly want to touch it. You may end up using it only for special occasions, but what a waste that would be. Do yourself a favour and pick up an oil a day. You’ll find tons to do with it here. 

Easy toxin free ideas to help you get the best out of your essential oils

Ditch and Switch is the name of the game. The next time you run out of something at home, see if you can find a recipe here, or choose one of Young Livings well loved household and selfcare products, instead of going to buy something that is only adding to your toxin load. Getting rid of toxins in your home and in your body is the best thing you could do for yourself, and we can tell you why, and how you can make that change. 

Self care

From head to toe, we have solutions to help you bump up your daily skin, hair and oral care routine. 


It is not enough to just remove toxins from our foods and self care products. Removing them from our environments is vital to truly see the benefits of toxin free living.

Health & Wellness

Explore the many ways that Young Living Essential Oils can help support your body.